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How To Pick Your Size When Online Shopping

Feb 23,2023 | Zmart Australia

One of the absolute joys in life has to be online shopping. It’s like having an entire world of options at your fingertips, and you get the excitement of waiting for a delivery to arrive.

But one not-so-great part about shopping online if you’re on the hunt for clothes, is playing the guessing game of finding the right fit.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you want to find the perfect fit online. From measurements to the choice of fabric, they all make a difference in getting the right size to your door. Following these four tips below can seriously help cut down on your number of returns in the future.

1.Measure yourself, the right way

Of course, one of the best ways to find a great fit is to take your measurements, including your bust, waist, hips, and inseam. We advise shoppers to use a soft tape measure, similar to what you’d find at a tailor’s shop. It only costs a few bucks and will seriously improve your online shopping experience.

It’s also good to be mindful of what you’re wearing while taking these measurements. Depending on what item you’re considering purchasing, measure with your undergarments on to get a better idea of how the piece of clothing will fit over them. This will give you a more accurate fit, compared to if you’re taking measurements while wearing clothes. But if you’re ordering outerwear, you may want to use measurements with your clothes on. Otherwise, that medium size coat might fit a little too snug when worn over a chunky sweater or a few layers.

2. Use a retailer’s size guide

Even if you know your actual measurements or have a general idea of what size you typically are, don’t overlook the size charts — some of which are incredibly helpful. Answering a few of the site’s questions regarding your shape will help determine a more accurate fit.

3. When in doubt, size up

When you just don’t know what size to order or if you think you’re in between sizes, it’s always a safe bet to go a size up. It’s much easier to work with a garment that’s slightly bigger than one that’s too small, if you don’t want to return it. Plus, you can make any necessary alterations if you’re handy with a needle or just take the piece to a tailor. That little bit of wiggle room makes an alteration far easier and cheaper than trying to add material to a small garment.

4. Know the store’s return policy

Even if you’ve followed all these tips for a seemingly good fit, sometimes the size is off or the fit looks way different than expected when it arrives. Double-check the retailer’s return policy, as it can make the difference between an easy transaction and be stuck with a piece you’ll likely never wear. Luckily, At Zmart Australia – we offer 30 days hassle-free return policy, so you can always return it back if the clothing doesn’t fit you well.